Kate's response to Writing Prompt #1

Posted by Theresa Coleman On 4:25 PM

Your neighbor has taken in an unusual pet and it does something unpleasant to your house/yard. Confront your neighbor. Use descriptive prose and dialogue. 500 words.

Louis was awakened by the sound of- what was that? Helicopters? He rolled over to face his Star Wars alarm clock, 5:30am it read. What the hell are helicopters doing outside my window at 5-freaking-AM?! He rose out of his zebra striped sheets and put on a pair of purple chucks and a white shirt, having gone to bed in a pair of bright orange plaid pajama pants. He walked downstairs to his kitchen, pouring himself a cup of the coffee his roommate had made earlier. That’s when he saw it. Oh god, what is Francis up to now? What he saw outside of the large circular window was his neighbor Francis, standing next to what looked like a hunk of scrap metal- well, more like dozens of pieces of scrap metal stuck together to form a mountain of ugly, rusty scraps, some of which were rotating, causing the helicopter like noise. Francis looked up and saw Louis. "Hey neighbor!" He shouted, and Louis took in his odd attire. Francis was wearing overalls, a hard hat, and goggles. It wouldn't have looked strange on anyone else, but with clashed with Francis' tattoos and mohawk. What look is he going for? Punk redneck? And what the hell is that thing beside him? Louis waved back to his neighbor and then walked away from the window. He decided he didn't want to know.

The next day Louis awoke to the same helicopter like sound. He groaned and hit his fist on the headboard of his bed. Why can't I have normal neighbors? He asked himself mentally. He pulled the pillow over his head but to no avail, it sounded like Francis had gotten a jackhammer or some other loud power tool and was hacking away with that. Louis rose from bed and got dressed, deciding to wear a leopard print leather jacket and pink pants. He walked to his bedroom window and peered out into Francis' yard. There he saw something he had not expected to see. It looked like a robot, like the kind you see in Transformers, except much uglier. Louis ran outside and yelled "FRANCIS WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! WHAT IS THAT THING?!" Francis just looked at Louis and calmly replied "My new pet, ain't she beautiful?"
"Um sure Francis, but why did you get a pet robot?"
"To defend us in a zombie invasion of course."
"Um zombie invasion?"
"Yes, Louis, haven't you been paying attention to the news?" Francis asked, pointing to a stack of National Inquirers on his patio table. Louis looked at the top cover which read in large red print "Zombies invade Mexico!" Louis turned back to Francis to tell him that the National Inquirer is known for not being a reliable source of information, but the strange, tattooed man had already walked back inside, singing a song which had something to do about killing zombies by shooting them in the head.

Louis walked quickly back inside, almost running. Zoey, his roommate, looked at him and said "Louis? What's up? You look worried." Louis turned to look back at her and yelled "Zoey! Francis is building a humongous robot to keep as a pet! He said it was to defend him against the zombies!" Zoey just game him a look that clearly said "Louis. What are you smoking?" but just then, they heard a huge sound, like a gun being fired, and saw red light. The frame of their house shook. They looked at each other for a second, shocked into silence, and then both asked at the same time, "What the heck was that?" Before answering each other though, they saw Francis, outside their living-room window, inside the giant robot. "Sorry about that," he yelled, "I think I may have taken a chunk of your yard out! I can't figure out how to aim this damn laser!" Zoey immediately ran for the door, and let out a surprised shout when she saw their yard, it looked like a sinkhole had appeared, and was swallowing half their yard, but before Louis had time to yell at Francis, zombies appeared at the edge of their house, and grabbed Zoey. Louis now always believes Francis, no matter how crazy he might sound.

to be continued?


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