Writing Prompt for Week of October 26th.

Why did they store it there? Tell the story of a favorite Halloween costume being put away until next year. 500 words.

Writing Prompt for October 19th

What is your idea of a dull evening?

Writing Prompt for October 12th

What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?

Writing Prompt for October 5th

Why are you keeping it? Tell the story of a keepsake you own that cannot tell its own story.

Writing Prompt for Week of September 28

What did you see at AWA? What was the most interesting? What was the worst?

Writing Prompt for Week of September 21

What memory do you sometimes wish would disappear? Write about it.

Writing Prompt for Week of September 14th

You wake up to the smell of sizzling French toast. You have to have some, but it's coming from your neighbor's house and the two of you aren't on speaking terms. How do you get the French toast? 400 to 500 words .


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